Our river survey for the summer of 2016 has come to a close, however please keep sending in records to surveys@worcestershiremammals.org. We’re busy planning the next event, details to be sent via email to members soon. If you’re not on the list you can join on the Get Involved page.

Thank you for helping us survey the rivers and waterways around Worcestershire for signs of mammals. We’re using the Ordnance Survey national gridlines to divide the county into hectads (10km x 10km squares) in which to focus our efforts, with members being encouraged to adopt a hectad to survey. The squares in red have been allocated and green ones have been completed, however there are still blue squares that we’re keen to collect records for, so let us know which you’d like to adopt by contacting surveys@worcestershiremammals.org

Once you’ve chosen a hectad, look for places where bodies of water cross roads or are near public footpaths. Ordnance Survey Explorer maps are ideal as the 1:25,000 scale provides lots of detail. Don’t worry if you don’t own the relevant map for your hectad, as Bing Maps has Ordnance Survey maps available to use for free online (you’ll probably need to select them using the drop-down on the top right of the screen). While hectads are large areas, most tend to have approximately 5 places that are likely candidates to survey.

Now that you’ve found some places to look, don’t forget to check out our what to do page before heading off!