cropped-ROD-06-KH0048-01P.jpgWorcestershire Mammal Group was formed in 2015 by a group of amateur and professional naturalists with a keen interest in furthering the conservation of mammals within the county. New members are welcome to join to hear about upcoming events and get involved.


e45bf474-c645-4e30-b008-58fda81afe7ePrevious Survey

Last winter we were out and about looking for harvest mouse nests. For more info visit the harvest mouse page.


What have you seen?

We’re keen to hear from anyone who has recorded a mammal. We have an online form for submitting records, all of which go the Worcestershire Biological Records Centre to enrich our understanding of the county’s mammal status and distribution.




Check out our blog for all the latest on what we’ve been up to, including reports of our latest events and surveys.